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Used and Unwanted Building Materials on Site-Spares

Site-spares is a new online marketplace for used and unwanted building materials in the UK. Used, second hand, spare, unwanted or pretty much whatever building materials and DIY stuff can be sold on site-spares.

If you’re doing a building project at home and you’re after some discounts, then you might find what you need on Similarly, if you’re a builder, a tradesman or just an ordinary person who’s got some building materials going spare then get them up for sale on site-spares.

Making an account is easy. You’ll be able to start buying and selling today.

Just have a look at some of this stuff that’s gone up for sale recently…

Velux Insulation Collars
Miele Ducting
A handmade door

All this stuff is really great. Get an account on site-spares and start buying and selling in your area today.