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Where Can I Buy and Sell Second Hand Building Materials in the UK?

On That’s where!

If you sign up to, you’ll be able to start buying and selling second hand building materials in your area straight away.

That’s stuff like this. Just check out these cast stone windowsills that are up for sale at the moment.

And… if that’s not enough. Why don’t you get yourself a window to go on top of them? Have a look at this sash window that’s up for grabs as well… is the place to buy and sell second hand building materials in the UK. If you’re a tradesman or a builder and you find you’ve always got stuff going spare or you come across things that you just don’t have a place to sell them, then site-spares is for you. Anything that’s second hand, spare, reclaimed, unwanted and can be used to build something can go up for grabs on site-spares.

Site-spares can be for anything. Landscaping, DIY, general building materials like sand and cement, tools or pretty much anything you can think of can go on

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What Can I Do With Spare Building Materials in the UK?

If you’ve got some building materials going spare, whether they’re reclaimed or just unused, then you can sell them on site-spares.

Site-spares is a website dedicated to buying and selling spare and second hand building materials. If you’ve got something left over or you’ve unearthed something that someone else could use, then have a go at selling it on site spares.

Unwanted building materials are often inconvenient or expensive to store or dispose of. Luckily, there’s probably someone out there who wants to get hold of them. Even more luckily, there’s a website for you to go to sell them.

Image of second hand building materials
Just look at this lintel that someone posted on site-spares for £30.

That’s right. Just have a look at this lintel that someone has put up for sale on They cost hundreds of pounds new, but here is one for £30.

Get yourself an account today and start buying and selling spare building materials on site-spares